Policies and Procedures

Covid-19 Safety Precautions

My safety precautions include using a medical grade air-purifier, open windows on warm days, wearing a mask during lessons, cleaning piano keys with alcohol, and there is always hand sanitizer available for the students.  I am fully vaccinated.

Parent Lesson Attendance

Parents are welcome to attend lessons or may drop the student off.  The studio has plenty of room for parents to wait while the student is taking a lesson.

Workshops or group classes will be drop-off due to limited parking.  A parent may still attend but will be asked to be dropped off as well. 

Online Lessons

Online lessons are conducted using Zoom. Each student will have an individual meeting link which will be re-used each week.  We use online lessons interchangeably with regular lessons, so that students do not miss lessons due to a minor illness or if other transportation issues arise. 

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Attendance and Flex Lessons

Missed lessons are not made up, refunded or credited.  I will offer to send a video lesson to be recorded during your missed lesson time.  Notification of inability to attend lesson does not excuse the full monthly payment for the reserved lesson slot.  Please understand this policy exists because your spot is a time reserved with me each week which I cannot make up for if you miss the lesson.