Loralee Swanson

Music Lesson Teacher

Performing Artist

Piano Technician

I am a musician with over 10 years of experience performing professionally and teaching private lessons around the country and world.  Contact me for beginning piano lessons and trombone or euphonium lessons for all abilities.  I offer both online and in-person lessons.

If your piano is in need of tuning and service, I can do that too!  Please see the piano tuning tab to schedule.



Beginning piano lessons in Middletown, RI.  Online lessons available too!

Trombone and Euphonium Lessons

Trombone and Euphonium lessons for all ages and abilities

Piano Keys

Piano Tuning and Repair

Piano tuning and service in RI, Eastern CT and Southern MA

Contact Me

Middletown, RI

 loralees@gmail.com |  Tel: 401-474-7624

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